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Steve Nelson

Brett, I wanted to express my gratitude for the great repair work on our 2006 Honda Civic. There was a rather large dent (approximately 9" in diameter) in the passenger door and at first I didn't think a paintless dent repair was possible. In reviewing your web site I found your company enjoys an excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau, so I felt confident in going ahead, after your careful evaluation of the situation. Two hours after the work started I returned to find the dent had vanished, essentially looking like new and with the original paint intact. And all done at a fraction of the cost a body shop would have charged to reshape, refinish and repaint. The convenience of having the work performed while I strolled around the Orange County Swap Meet was another bonus.

Please include me in your growing list of satisfied customers, and thanks again.
Steve Nelson

Chris Miller
Austin Miller


I just want to really thank you for a beautiful job on my 2007 Cadillac SRX. I only had my vehicle a few months when the damages occurred. I have been in the auto repair industry for over 30 years, and I have never known anyone that can do paintless dent repair as well as you. As you can see from the photos of before and after, I was simply amazed, 100% satisfaction--- not a trace that the damage was ever there. I knew if i had to repair and paint the area damaged the cost was well over $1000.00. I love to use my vehicle as an example of your work. " IT SPEAKS FOR IT"S SELF" YOUR THE BEST!!!
Thank you again

Simply amazed, 100% Satisfaction ---
Chris Miller
Austin Miller

Mark Ashley

Dear Mary,

I wanted to pass along a letter of recommendation for your company; the level of service I received was amazing from Brett & your Painter, as well as your product being first class. I had several door dings removed, as well as a dent removed from the trunk and a repainted bumper on the back of my S430 Mercedes looks like new.

You guys are going to tint my windows next week, so I can't wait to drive my car now.

Thank you again Dent Rejuvenator team from a very satisfied customer.


Hi Brett-

Just a note to say how much my wife and I appreciated the work performed on three of our cars. The Nissan Armada had a hood dent, right front bumper panel scratches and a rear door scratch. The Toyota Solara had numerous door dings, rear bumper hit and a front quarter panel scrape. The vintage Volkswagen convertible had a rear fender scrape.

After your repair, these problems have been eliminated. All three cars repaired in our driveway in about 6 hours. It is rare to find this very high level of auto-body and paint craftsmanship from a mobile repair company. Your performance far exceeded expectations.

Very high level of auto-body and paint craftsmanship

Brian Kim

Dear Dent Rejuvenator:

First of all, I would like to say that your services were absolutely amazing and excellent. The services I received were that of a dent removal and paint for scratched areas. I own a 2008 Honda Accord Sedan, dark gray in color. I must honestly say that I had a bias going into the service that the technician would not be able to match the paint of my car with the paint he produced. However, I was definitely proved wrong when the paint was applied and matched the rest of the car exactly. Not only was the dent removed, but the paint ensured that no one, no one would be able to tell that I even had damage in the first place. Your services are a must and definitely should be utilized for 2008 Honda Accord (whether it be a sedan or coupe) owners everywhere. Being the first of such vehicle to be serviced by your technician, it was as if Honda itself repaired and painted the entire damage. For anyone that owns any type and color Honda, use Dent Rejuvenator. They are the best, guaranteed from one Honda owner to another.

Second, the amount of time it took to initially inspect the vehicle for repairs and paint were quick. The entire job was done in about 3.5 hours and looked perfect. They came to my house with their mobile unit and completed everything right then and there.

Third, the amount of care your technician provided was the best. Even when taping certain areas of my vehicle so as not to paint unaffected areas, he ensured the tape matched perfectly, no matter how many tries it took. To do something minor like this not only proves expertise, but proves care for the customer.

The paint dried quickly within an hour or so and I was able to drive my vehicle soon after. No long period of wait involved, especially when compared to an actual shop where you have to end up leaving your vehicle for an excess of 24 hours and then some. Believe me, I know, because that was what I was about to do before I found Dent Rejuvenator. Especially for a working individual, there should be no reason to leave a vehicle at a shop (especially one you are not really sure you can trust completely) for an excess of a day and a half (as this was the estimate given to me, even for a minor dent and paint job) when Dent Rejuvenator can take care of EVERYTHING in about 3.5 hours.

And finally, in terms of care, a follow-up call was made by the owner of Dent Rejuvenator, Brett, to ensure the service was performed not only to his expectations, but mine. Such follow-up is unheard of, even in retail (where dozens of multi-million dollar stores bide for your business). Thank you, Dent Rejuvenator, for your service and care! My car looks as if it did the first day I bought it from the dealership.

Absolutely Amazing..

LuAnn Jalet
Newport Gateway

Dear Brett:

Dent Rejuvenator, Inc. is now one of my favorite suppliers and has definitely been added to my recommendation list.

Mary was very nice to speak with and extremely helpful in scheduling an immediate appointment for the estimate. You were very honest and helped me make the correct decisions, at the right price. The painter worked diligently, and did an outstanding job…he really knows what he is doing. My car looks great!

These days I seldom find a company that believes in excellent Customer Service. It is nice to know that Dent Rejuvenator is one of those companies. Discussion Board

I received a nice sized dent/crease (about 4 inches in length) on my E46 M3 over the weekend. It was on the hood right next to the raised edge closest to the fender. Needless to say, I was extremely upset about this. I had also heard PDR is useless on our hoods due to it being made out of aluminum. Well, figured I would try giving a call to Brett at Dent Rejuvenator anyway – he did a great job on my E36 M3 a few years ago. Anyway, Brett arrived and did confirm that our hoods are more difficult to work on but not impossible. About two hour’s later, NO DENT WHAT-SO-EVER! FANTASTIC JOB!

For any one in the OC (So Cal) area who is looking for an EXCELLENT PDR guy, give Brett at Dent Rejuvenator a call (714) 832-8202. He tells me he’s been doing this for over 12 years. I guess this means he’s some kind of Jedi PDR guy.

Craig's List

I just wanted to let anyone know that auto rejuvenator did an awesome job repairing a door ding in the door of my black dodge ram truck. Brett was very professional and made the dent go away 100%. I was amazed at this paintless dent removal process. I highly recommend them. Thank you.

Jo Ellen Alloway

Dear Brett:

I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my car. You wouldn't even know that it was the same car. I really didn’t think you could take the deep dent out of the front hood of my car. I thought it was just going to have to stay there.

On top of you completely taking out all of the dents; you did a beautiful job matching the paint job. No one can tell where the dents were originally. I have had a lot of comments on the work done and people asking me who did the job.

I have already recommended you to a few friends about your services, and my son Charles also thinks that you did a superior paint and body work and bumper repair you did on his new Nissan Maxima.

Again thank you for your time and the care you took on my car.

Andy Clase

Dear Brett:

I want to thank you again for your quick turn-a-round service today with the repairs you made to my vehicle. I will definitely refer you onto my family members, friends and co-workers!

What impressed me the most about your service was the quality in craftmanship from your convenient, mobile service. You came to me, same-day, which provided convenience in and around my hectic work schedule. I was amazed that within 30-minutes the door dings and dents on both sides of my vehicle were removed. My vehicle is like brand new again! You are truly an automobile reconditioning specialist with the quality to back it up!

Best wishes for much continued success!

Andy Clase
Marketing Manager, Western Division

Leila Drager

Dear Dent Rejuvenator,

My husband and I bought his dream car, a black convertible Jaguar, on Sunday. He couldn't wait to drive it to work on Monday. He was like a kid as he pulled into the garage that night. As we stood there admiring it, we saw that his perfect car had been "dinged" twice in the driver's door. He was devastated. I drove it to my work on Tuesday thinking to take it to the dealer to be repaired. Their quote was $500 - $600 and 2 - 3 days. I then went on the internet and found Dent Rejuvenator (Thank Goodness!) Brett was at my place of business a couple hours later. and quoted a phenomenal price. He calmed and assured me that I would be happy (I was a nervous wreck!). When he finished a short time later, I wasn't happy - I was ecstatic! When my husband got home on Tuesday he couldn't believe it. Thank you so much for making my husband so happy. We will be a customer for life!

Leila Drager
Chief Operating Officer Melmarc Products

Atarah Stading

Dear Dent Rejuvenator,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work your company did on my 1997 Toyota Avalon. I can no longer even tell where a large area of paint had been completely scraped off my bumper. All the former dings in various spots were completely covered by you. You did such a super job of matching the original paint.

It looks like a new car!

Thank you also for the excellent work of restoring my headlights which were dull. Now they are almost blinding!

It was a pleasure to deal with your professional staff. I will certainly recommend your company whenever I get the opportunity.

Gregory A. Ortiz

Dear Dent Rejuvenator,

I have always been very careful and overly protective of my new Mercedes Benz, often parking in remote locations to avoid the dreaded "door ding". Unfortunately, it's impossible to avoid the inevitable. I contacted the dealer and I would have to leave the car with them over night at the body shop and get a rental car. While at a local car wash I saw an advertisement for Dent Rejuvenator and gave them a call. Brett responded to my residence and was very polite and professional. He gave me a quick and reasonable quote. I was amazed that he was able to do a great job in a short amount of time at a very low price compared to leaving my car over night at the dealer. He also gave me a guarantee on his work.

I would be pleased to recommend Dent Rejuvenator to anyone that needs to have any dents or dings removed from their car. I definiately would use them again.

Tanya L. Harper

Dear Dent Rejuvenator,

We are so pleased with the work that Dent Rejuvenator does for us. We have been clients for several years and all 3 of our cars have needed work. The customer service is great. They are friendly, yet very professional and time efficient. I am so thankful we have found someone we can trust. The quality of the work is well worth the cost!

Mike Sommers

Dear Dent Rejuvenator,

Both my wife Jeanne and myself would like to take this opportunity to thank your company for the great job you did "Rejuvenating" our two vehicles. The results are truly amazing! Our Lexus and Suburban were both victims of numerous parking lot dents and dings not to mention the abuse that comes with two active boys.

The completed cars look showroom new again!

The job was scheduled around our busy day and your technician arrived on time and was very courteous.

We will definitely recommend you to our friends and no doubt will be calling you back to remove the wave of dents, dings and windshield chips.

Amelia Martinez

Dear Dent Rejuvenator,

Most people write letters only when they have a complaint, this one is of recommendation to Dent Rejuvenator I'm so pleased, I had to write and let you know.

I was so very pleased with the job that Brett performed on my car. I have a red 2003 Honda Civic. I was pulling into the garage I hit my car on the side which scraped my bumper and caused a minor dent on the fender.

I took my car to a body shop which quoted me $850.00 to repair and they needed my car for 3-6 days when I was getting my car washed I saw one of your displays and called your office and the receptionist was very polite. She had one of your technicians give me a call. He came to my home and gave me a quote of $250.00. I asked him what about the paint scrape on the bumper he said don't worry it is just transfer paint from my garage and he would remove it. He performed his job and when he was done it looked like it was never there!

I am so impressed with the work he performed and the $600.00 I saved and the work Dent Rejuvenator performed only took less than two (2) hours.

Amelia Martinez
Mission Viejo, CA

Joanne Bell

Dear Dent Rejuvenator,

We noticed your vehicle next door when you were working on our neighbors Lexus.

As I mentioned to your office staff, we own a convertible 1998 BMW Z Series Roadster that is very dear to us. We love this car so much that we named her "Precious". We felt a little strange telling you we named our car but we had to relay our deepest desire to hire the right people for the job.

We had to replace the front bumper and needed to replace the rear window last month and the body shop we took her to was going to take out a dent and they described having to sand, buff and color it with overspray. We interviewed several body shops, and the dealership for quotes and none were willing to remove the dents without sanding and re-painting. We were so glad that we declined the dent work and had you do that work on (Precious).

We especially want to thank the woman who took our call because she more than adequately told your technician how picky we were and his professionalism was very meticulous, he took every precaution and worked very delicately on our investment. Your office staff adequately described our pride in ownership to him and we did not have to explain how important a job well done meant to us. He assured us that he would care for her as much as we do.

I was more concerned about the quality of work -vs- price but I was amazed with the reasonable price. Our baby is like new and we did not have to touch the original paint thanks to you.

We are also grateful that we found you before we allowed your competitors to ruin the original paint job. Your technician was so careful and your receptionist was very understanding. Thank you for caring as much for our investment as we do.

Ruth & Rol Lampe

Hi Mary,

Thanks so much for the p/u and delivery to have our car done- I could not find where I should put in our testimonial on the web site but did see it from others.

Just wanted Brett to know that we think that such a wonderful, superb job was done on our Honda - beautifully done and paint matches so perfectly. Rol is afraid to drive it! Our scratches and dents are gone; even little things are unsightly. You made our car look so good again.

You more than made us happy with your work and we send you our thanks and appreciation for a job well done and better than ever. We did not know what to expect, but we are certainly happy with the outcome.

Thanks so much.

So glad I found you on the Internet.

Good ad, by the way.

Sharon Bridges

We have used Dent Rejuvenators on several occasions over the years. Brett and his staff are extremely professional and highly competent. I've just had all four rims repaired and my car looks showroom perfect. Extremely efficient and a pleasure to deal with.

Terry Damron

Brett, Mary (please include my testimonial on your website)

After backing my Lexus RX 300 into a fence post in an unfamiliar driveway, I did not want to file an insurance claim and see my insurance skyrocket. Instead, I did a web search for bumper and minor dent repair. Thankfully, I found Dent Rejuvenator's website and was impressed that they enjoyed an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. I contacted them and found that their estimate from my digital images was a little more than half of what a body shop had quoted me and they were able to schedule an appointment quickly for my service. Since I have owned this car since it was brand new and did not like the idea of having sat in the yard of a body shop for a week or so, I decided to give them a try.

It does not do justice to their company to simply say they provide good service. When the technician, Victor, (who was actually at my home a half hour BEFORE his scheduled appointment time) found that two brackets on the bumper had been broken by the impact (not visible from the images that I sent them), Mary found them at two different dealers and brought them to my home. That may not seem like much unless you factor in that their business is in Irvine and Mary drove to Westminster and then on to GLENDALE to retrieve the parts and then delivered them to my home in the San Gabriel Valley. Were the parts pricey, maybe, but not when you consider the time, mileage, and vehicle wear and tear that she encumbered in getting them to me in a timely manner.

Victor was a perfectionist. He reworked a couple of areas that he was not satisfied with and the end result is just impressive. In two areas, he repaired some minor damage that wasn't even on the estimate...he felt that they would detract from the finished product and my customer satisfaction.

When everything was finished, we ended up not being able to use the rear deck trim on the bumper. The nearest Lexus dealer did not have the part, it was Friday evening, and it appeared that a return trip would be necessary. Not so; the owner, Brett Sweet, found the part and drove through busy Friday evening traffic to arrive at my home at 7PM just to be sure the trim piece was in place. This was a piece of protective plastic that could have waited until Monday, but Brett is determined to have full customer satisfaction.

Needless to say, I recommend Dent Rejuvenator and encourage you to consider them if you have bumper or body damage. It would come as a shock to me if their work did not exceed your expectations.

Shelly Baker

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the PDR you did on my car on this past Monday. Thanks to you my car looks almost brand new again! Your professionalism and quality of work was most appreciated! I will not hesitate to recommend Dent Rejuvenators to my family, friends and co-workers. Thank you Brett and Mary for going above and beyond!

Emil Velenosi


Thank you for the excellent job in removing the dent in a difficult place on the hood of my 1970 Chevrolet Nova. Your professional attitude was only exceeded by your skills.

I don't know if I was more excited to see the dent disappear or to watch the skills that you have been given. I did enjoy them both.

I will call on you again, if necessary and I won't hesitate to tell my friends.

Thanks again.

Jeff and Sylvia

Dear Brett,

The work you have done on my 3 vehicles has been amazing from the shoping cart gouges on the lexus to the scratches on the 2003 tahoe to the dent on the crease of the hood on the 2007 colorado evrything was done perfect and looks better then it did from the factory dont know your secret but keep up the awesome work and i will keep sending my friends who have been as happy as i am with your service and dedication and perfect work. Being in retail for 30 years in the auto business.

I definately know how hard it is to please everyone, and i appreciate brett and his crew for the marvelous work they do and their understanding of taking care of the customer

Thanks again,

Jonathan Nguyen-Do

This is the first time I used the internet for finding a mobile bumper repair. I chose Dent Rejuvenator as compared to other mobile bumper repair companies, because I liked their profile the best. It was very detailed and systematic. Their website was easy to use and navigate, very informative. I was so impressed with their website itself, that we were looking forward to using their services and have my car repaired by them. As expected, my 2007 BMW 530i looked great! Just like when I first purchased the car new. I will definitely use them again for any future repairs. Extraordinary levels of service, their crew was highly motivated and committed to providing the best service possible. They worked very hard on every single spot of the front bumper till it was completely like brand new. Extraordinary Detail... A rare find.

John Drager

Dear Brett and Mary,

Well I did it again. I absolutely crushed the rear fender of my beautiful black Jaguar XK8 (not to mention my ego). Alex our son likened it to me trying to give a presentation to management with a missing front tooth. No matter what the content, the presentation was lacking. I was embarrassed to drive my pride and joy. This was not a ding it was 16” diameter dent! My wonderful wife Leila immediately called our “go to “the Dent Rejuvenator (I won’t tell you how many times we have been there before but you will see Leila’s testimonial on the web page). Brett with his usual calm demeanor assured me everything was going to be fine. He took my baby (the car not Leila) and 2 days later, presto I was back touring in my immaculate Jag. The workmanship was truly magical. I should know I’m an Imagineer.

People would have to be crazy to take their car anywhere else.

Thanks Brett and Mary,

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