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What is PDR?

Paintless Dent Removal (aka PDR) is a method of removing dents from the sheet metal of a vehicle using specialized tools, without the use of paint, bondo or body work.

PDR has been the preferred method of repairing door dings and dents with new and used car dealers for the past 20 years.

How is it done?

PDR is a very tedious process. Using specialized tools the PDR technician pushes the dent out from the backside of the metal. Even the smallest dents (1/4” diameter) require several push points to completely remove the dent.

DENT REJUVENATOR® Technicians must pass a rigorous testing and inspection period prior to working on customers’ vehicles.

You can be assured that your car is in good hands with DENT REJUVENATOR®.

PDR is a highly skilled process in which minor dings and dents are removed from an automobile's exterior without the need of traditional body shop repairs. The PDR process involves the use of custom designed dent removal tools that are applied to the inside skin of a vehicle's sheet metal.

What Size Dents Can Be Repaired?

We can repair most non-collision dents. The limiting factor is the relationship between the dent's depth and diameter. Door dings and minor dents can be permanently removed without any signs of a repair. Repairs on larger dents can only be detected by a trained eye. Customers are truly amazed and become desirable repeat customers.

Are Dings Only Removed from Doors?

We can remove dings from all panels including the car's roof, trunk, hood, quarter panel, as well as the fender.

How Long Does a Repair Take?

Most dents can be removed while the customer waits. Individual dings can be removed within the hour depending on their size, shape, depth and location.

PDR looks easy. I can just push it out myself?

No. PDR should not be performed by anyone but a professional technician as you may cause irreparable damage to your vehicle.

Can PDR damage my paint?

It is possible to crack paint when performing PDR. This is one reason only certified technicians should work on your car. DENT REJUVENATOR® certifies all technicians will take every precaution to ensure your finish is not damaged.

What if paint was cracked when the dent was made?

Depending on the amount of damage to the paint PDR may still be the way to go.

How is PDR estimated?

Estimate is based on the following (3) three main factors:

  • Size and Sharpness of Damage
  • Location, Difficulty and Access of Dent(s)
  • Quantity of Dents per Panel

How do you match the color when you paint my car?

Dent Rejuvenator’s vehicles come equipped with a computerized paint and measuring and mixing system that utilizes your vehicles paint code.

How can I trust the work you perform is done right?

We use high quality products and guarantee our work and our A+ rating with the BBB.

How do you repair a dent in a plastic bumper?

Yes. Some dents can be done paintless, but we usually repair them with paint so they will look like new again.

What if I need a part to fix my car?

No problem, we can purchase parts needed for most jobs.

Can I use my insurance company?

Dent Rejuvenator does accept insurance claims.

Excluding, windshield chip repair.

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